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Company principal Steve Thompson has worked continuously in the Film and Television industry for over 40 years starting in Network television.

Appaloosa Films was established in 1985 producing principally client-direct commercials, corporate and documentaries. Steve also works purely as a Director of Photography on various commercial, documentary and corporate projects. He is dedicated to achieving and maintaining high professional standards. Having developed a reputation for creative and technical reliability during his career he has established a comprehensive network of associates within the industry.

Appaloosa Films made the transition to HD acquisition in 2006. Most recent equipment additions are the BMD Mini Ursa 4.6K camera which compliments the Sony FS700 camera system with with 200 fps slo-motion capability, all using Canon F series lenses. Also Sony X70's cameras plus a fleet of GoPros. All 4K/HD Post-Production facilities are in-house.

​For live TV production we utilise the BMD ATEM 2ME 4K 20 input vision mixer plus a Panasonic HS410 2ME HD mixer and support facilities.​

Appaloos also operate a DJI 4K drone:

CASA Licence: ARN 1039087

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